How to change clock style in realme 2 pro

How to change clock style in realme 2 pro

It is engineered to refuel devices up to double faster than conventional charging. The 3. With extraordinary ability to keep temperatures low, you can watch videos or play games while charging, without losing in speeds. Rear camera Intelligently merges 8 shots into one, to create 64MP ultra high definition photos.

Take blur-free, handheld shots in low-light. Brighter with less noise and more details in shadows and highlights. Make colors more vivid and improve dynamic range for more light-balanced pictures.

Introducing the only and best fps Super Slo-mo Video in the price segment. See the new world of Slo-mo by playing a video 32 times slower than normal one.

Make every moment smooth. ColorOS 6. Click to learn more. Test results of battery, speed and others are based on realme lab results. Actual results may vary based on environmental changes. The final battery life was subject to actual results. The diagonal of the screen is 16cm 6. Test results of Frame Boost and Touch Boost are based on realme lab results.

Product images are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to replacing suppliers and other unforeseen events. The data shown are derived from the technical parameters set by the company, as well as test results from laboratories and our suppliers.

The actual results may vary, predicating on software, environment, and specific version. Overview Specs.Chinese smartphone makers seem to be following a new trend of creating sub-brands that cater to demanding younger buyers. Now, Realme has been spun off from Oppo. All of them seem to have a singular focus — offering very competitive specifications. The Realme 2 Pro features a tiny 'dewdrop' notch on a 6.

The polycarbonate body feels sturdy and is comfortable to use. The rear fingerprint sensor is quick at authentication and face unlock is equally snappy. ColorOS 5. Gaming and app performance is good and the phone doesn't;t heat up too much.

The rear megapixel sensor shoot good stills and 4K video too, although low-light performance could be better. The mAh battery doesn't support fast charging but offers enough juice to last a full day on one charge. View Photo Gallery. Display 6. Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon Realme 2 Pro in Pictures. Read complete Realme 2 Pro Review.

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how to change clock style in realme 2 pro

Rahul Kumar Nov 3, on Gadgets Recommends.Always on display Realme XT: You must have heard always-on display, so in this article, you will come to know what does always-on display mean. AOD is the feature which came in the highlight in Now many smartphone brands provide this feature as a built-in feature. This feature is not available in normal screen smartphones.

Because in normal screen smartphones it can drain hight amount of battery. With this feature, you can display information such as clock and date even when your smartphone screen is off.

Or in other words, AOD allows you to customise your screen to show date, time, day, battery status, notifications and screen savers.

AOD also consume mobile battery. AOD is just like a screen saver. Years ago, you must have seen screen saver option in Nokia feature phones.

Realme 2 Pro

So AOD is nothing, but it is just like a screen saver. If you enable AOD in your smarptphone then it will prevent your mobile screen to sleep. Your smartphone screen will be always kept off after enabling this feature.

You can set date and time as the always-on display. Your mobile screen will be kept blank and clock widget starts floating on the black screen. So you need not press any button to wake up your screen, it is always on.

It may be available on normal mobile screens but it is not much effective in normal display smartphones because it can drain your battery faster if enabled. You can set always on display in your realme XT. So check if always-on display available in your device and set it now by following the given below steps.

Here enable the Screen-Off Clock option and set the timing as required. You should set this timing in the day time. You can set from your average waking time to average sleeping time.

It is your choice for what time you want to set it. In realme devices, you can only set an always-on display.

You cannot customize always-on display content. But in Samsung devices, you can change theme of AOD. You can also set a few images to AOD screen with date and time.

Realme UI Screen-Off Display (Always On Display): How to use it?

There are plenty of clock designs available in Samsung latest devices. You must always remember always-on display use battery. It only uses the battery when it is enabled and your phone is idle.

It only drains a little amount of battery to work. You can also find out its battery usage in battery status in system settings. AOD is having a black background. So it is having very less brightness. And you cannot change the brightness level of always-on display separately.

Brightness of the always-on display is controlled by system brightness settings. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Realme 1 entered the Indian smartphone market carrying the OPPO brand name and it gained a lot of attention due to its affordable pricing.

Now, Realme launched its second-generation smartphone, the Realme 2 in India and it has no OPPO branding anywhere on the phone as Realme is now an independent brand.

The Realme 2 still boots up in ColorOS 5. Here, we will be sharing the top tips and tricks as well as useful and hidden features of the Realme 2. Here they are. The Realme 2 offers a whole new way to navigate, the swipe gestures will allow you to navigate the phone with swipes. Note that it will remove the navigation buttons at the bottom. At the bottom, swipe up from either side to go back, swipe from the center to go to Home screen, and swipe up from the center and hold it for 1-second opens recent apps.

If you want to interchange the back button and recent apps button, you can select from the given options. If there is something I like on the phone is the screen recording, the Realme 2 has the ability to record screens which you can take advantage to show your screen activity to others.

The Realme 2 also supports dual apps which means you have the option to run two different accounts. The Clone Apps feature creates another instance of the app so that you can run two WhatsApp accounts, two Instagram accounts or any other apps listed in it. When Clone Apps is turned on, a new copy of the app will be generated on the homescreen.

Both, the clone app and the original app can be run simultaneously without affecting each other. Now you can take screenshots with your three fingers, just slide down on the screen, no buttons required.

Running two apps side by side is also a great feature and the Realme 2 supports it. The App Split Screen works with gestures, the screen will split into two halves when you sliding your three fingers upwards.

This is unlike the three-finger screenshot which requires to slide your three fingers downwards. Aside from the battery percentage, you also have the network speed indicator on top. This Assistive Ball is a floating navigation widget that can be used to navigate the phone from any corners or sides.

The Assistive Ball will help you to navigate the phone to go back, go to home screen and switch to recent apps. The screen-off gestures can be handy if you want to access the phone without unlocking it. These gestures include the following. Have you ever tried USB drives with your smartphone? The Realme 2 can read pen drives or any USB device like a keyboard or a mouse. The night mode can be helpful at night, the blue light emitted from the screen can cause eye strains.

To prevent that, you can enable the night mode on Realme 2 to filter out the blue light. Open the notification panel and select Night modethe screen will then filter blue light. That was it. These are the top tips, tricks, and features of the Realme 2 we know.

Also check the comparison of the Realme 2 and Realme 1 to see which one is better. Samsung opens its largest mobile experience center in the world at Opera House in Bengaluru.

Alleged live image of OnePlus 6T leaks online with water drop notch and in-display fingerprint scanner. Realme 2.The Realme 1 boots up in Android 8. The first and foremost trick you will want to enable on the Realme 1 is the battery percentage in the notification bar.

This sneaky trick will let you take screenshots with three-finger slide on the screen, no need to push any buttons or anything, just swipe the 3 fingers down and you are done. Clone Apps is a feature that is used to add a clone of an app so that you can use two accounts of it, for example running two WhatsApp accounts.

When Clone Apps is turned on, a new copy of the app will be generated on the homescreen. Both, the clone app and the original app can be run simultaneously without affecting each other. This is similar to the native split screen, however, works with gestures.

You can split the screen into two halves by sliding your three fingers upwards. The Realme 1 also has a feature that lets you record screens. Yes, just like you have seen on other smartphones, you can also record the screen activity by tapping an icon in the notification panel.

how to change clock style in realme 2 pro

Ever wanted to navigate the phone from any corners or sides, this floating ball will do it with ease. The Assistive Ball on the Realme 1 is a floating ball that can be used for navigation operations like go back, go to home screen and switch to recent apps.

Using phones at night can cause eye strains due to blue light emitted from the screens. To prevent that, Realme 1 has given an option to filter blue light.

Top 15+ Hidden Settings Features Of RealMe 3 (Awesome) You Must Know

Just swipe from the top to open the notification panel and select Night mode to turn on the Night mode. These screen off gestures on the Realme 1 can be handy if you want to access the phone without unlocking it.

The screen-off gestures include. You can swipe from the bottom sides to navigate the phone. There are two options, either you can interchange the virtual on-screen navigation buttons or disable them for the swipe gestures.

At the bottom, swipe up from either side to go back, swipe from the center to go to Home screen, and swipe up from the center and hold it for 1-second opens recent apps. If you want to interchange the back button and recent apps button, you can select from the given options.

Realme Guides. Features Realme 1.Realme stylized as realme is a Shenzhen -based Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Realme also produces a wide variety of other products such as earphones, fitness bands and bags. He said that in the future, the realme brand will focus on providing mobile phones that integrate strong performance and stylish design, bringing young people a joyful life featuring affordable "technology" and "beauty".

On November 22,realme took the mantle of No. On Junerealme officially announced its entry in the European market. On 26 Junerealme posted its first photo shot by its 64MP camera. According to a report by the international authoritative analysis institution Counterpoint, realme's global shipment registered 4. By Augustrealme has passed 10 million users around the world. Realme launched its first product, "realme 1" exclusively to the Indian market in May on Amazon India.

As realme targets the global market, it will continue to expand its reach geographically, with potential markets in Southeast Asia. On its 1st anniversary, realme announced it will be entering the Mainland China and Taiwan market. As of NovemberRealme has a It sold about 15 million handsets in its first year of operation. Realme's first smartphone product, realme 1, launched in India in May This model has an display with 6. Realme 1 sold more thanunits in the first 30 days on Amazon India exclusively.

Realme 2 was unveiled on September 4, The realme 2 comes with a 6. Based on ColorOS 5. Realme 2 features a diamond-cut back glass design, which retains the phone's all-glass body.Welcome to our website. If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern Six Sigma Inc.

If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our website. The term 'Six Sigma Inc. The term 'you' refers to the user or viewer of our website. Recently, Realme launched their 5 th edition of Realme 5 series i. It just has been one year and they have already launched their fifth generation of Smartphones. They are not just manufacturing the phones, they are giving some best budget phones for us.

Today, we are here to review the Realme 5 Pro and we will launch a review of Realm 5 as well so, stay tuned for that as well. Realme provides a semitransparent gray silicone case as well which is always great to have.

Soft Reset REALME 2 Pro

The front is all-screen protected by a Gorilla Glass 3. On the back of the phone, we have a new quad-camera set up which is one of the major highlights of this phone along with a physical fingerprint scanner. On the right-hand side, we have a power button and on the left side we have volume keys and triple-card slot card slot. Talking about the display, we have a 6. And there is no LED notification which is a letdown for me.

Realme promises a maximum brightness of nits. We tested the phone on daylight with the maximum brightness on and the phone is quite bright and does the job. It would be amazing. The Realme 5 Pro features Snapdragon a 10 nm chipset which has some minor tweaks over such as 0. The phone runs smoothly and games like Asphalt 9 and PubG Mobile runs smoothly on medium to high settings.

Realme 5 Pro runs Android 9. Color OS 6 generally revolves around a light color scheme with the settings menu using a white backdrop with light color accents and gradients. Other that there is no any complaints in the performance section. Realme calls the 2MP the "Portrait camera", rather than just a depth sensor. The camera UI has three major different modes i. Photo, Portrait, and Video. Let's start our image quality analysis starting with the main camera.

The primary 48 MP sensor captures some great photos. The photos have plenty of detail, with bright colors and dynamic range is also wide. In broad daylight, there is a very low noise level which makes the photos look even sharper and detailed.

The photos on low light are also decent. There is nothing extraordinary that makes the photo feel awesome. As for the portrait shots, the edge detection was good and was able to take some good portrait photos.

Talking about the front-facing camera, Realme 5 Pro features the same front-facing camera from Realme X.

how to change clock style in realme 2 pro

The selfies were good with decent detail and color. The Realme 5 Pro captures videos only with its main 48MP camera. It records video up to 4K at 30fps and there's p at both 30fps and 60fps.

Overall, the videos are quite good for a budget phone. There is plenty of detail on the video with natural color and very low noises in the background.

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