How to redeem myvegas room

How to redeem myvegas room

Offers on this page are now expired and are no longer available. Although it is a quick and easy distraction when I need a five-minute break from wading through stories every day, it is even more valuable as a tool to help me save money when I decide to take a break in the land of neon lights and drywall. For the novice player, MyVegas may seem to over promise and under deliver—why buy imaginary chips to use in imaginary slot machines with the hopes of redeeming them for a free room? The good news is that if you are crafty, making any purchases in the Facebook app or their companion mobile games is the last of your concerns.

With a little knowledge and some creativity, you could be closer to saving money on your next Vegas trip than you think. Here are the answers to five of the most burning questions I get about using MyVegas to make Las Vegas a frugal destination once more.

With every login, users will be prompted to spend a little money to add to their points, in order to play longer and earn even more loyalty points. In short—maximize the number of free coins received and avoid spending cash in-game at all costs. One of the biggest gripes about using MyVegas is the seemingly low return for the effort put into actually playing the games.

Finally, in a piece of advice that may be counterintuitive to experienced slot players: never bet the maximum amount to unlock the jackpot. When I run out of coins, it is my signal to close it down and call it for another day.

how to redeem myvegas room

Now that we have earned a handful of MyVegas points, does it make sense to use them on comp hotel rooms? It all depends on your goals and where you want to stay in Vegas. The good news is complimentary midweek rooms available Sunday through Thursday start at 15, MyVegas points.

However, the lowest points cost rooms begin at the Excalibur and Luxor which do not include taxes or resort fees and can often be purchased with cash for a rather low price. While the room is free, the actual price paid can increase in a hurry. These rewards are subject to availability — meaning if you can get a good deal, strike while the deal is available.

If you have other means for getting discounted rooms, such as staying off-strip, then MyVegas loyalty points can still be used for a number of other discounts and experiences.

From helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon to free buffets, there is little that is off limits with points. Once again, some items offer better value than others. My best advice is to stay away from lower cost items that offer one free item, like a beverage or desert and save up for two-for-one buffets, free buffets or buffet drink packages.

While some are actual free tickets to shows, many are companion ticket offers. While there are savings to be found, it may not necessarily be the deep discount that travelers were hoping for.MyVegas offers complimentary and discounted items to restaurants, shows, and hotel rooms at the 9 different MGM Resorts hotels in Las Vegas and some of their local partners.

Nothing in life is totally free and you have to invest the time into getting coins so that you can play the games and earn rewards. They say that time is money and if you have a value on how much your time is worth than you probably want to do the math on how long it takes to compile points. Between the Facebook game and the mobile app game MyVegas offers new games regularly to keep you interested.

At the same time MyVegas is constantly refreshing their prize offerings. Note, you must be an M Life member sign up here to redeem rewards and you can only earn and use 3 rewards at one time. A couple is allowed to each have 3 rewards for a total of 6 rewards. Here are 10 ways to use free rewards on your next vacation to Las Vegas. Dining — There are a wide variety of dining options from all day buffet passes at Luxor or Excalibur so you can eat for free all day to the more fancy chef tasting for two at Trattoria del Lupo at MGM Grand.

You can grab a tin of popcorn from Sugar Factory for just a few points. Hyde has a nice little patio that looks out to the fountains. Keep an eye out on MyVegas as they often run promotions where you can earn extra coins or points at no charge. The more you play the more rewards you can earn. MyVegas offers plenty of free rewards to save you money on your next trip to Las Vegas.

Check out his blog at Edge Vegas.

How to get FREE Las Vegas buffets, FREE Vegas shows, FREE Vegas rooms - MyVegas

Here are 10 ways to use free rewards on your next vacation to Las Vegas 1.But not for reasons that appear obvious. MyVegas Slots are always changing things around including rewards so I am trying to write truths that will stay classical.

Number one, if you do play it much you will end up getting rewards and hopefully make it to Vegas or any other city they offer rewards in. The REAL reward is getting on the MLife register as a valued guest and once that happens you WILL be sent far better offers that need no "rewards" or "stay at home slot time" unless when you go you to your planned trip you spend very little.

Similar offer with Bellagio. But this was after I went one time and used my six rewards. I had a wonderful time when I did use my six.

I am not sure anymore about the "fun" part because of changes they recently made My friends and I had like a total of 24 rewards and the few that never got used were just so far away--we were already exhausted from having fun, did not want to traipse across town and just did not use them.

At the bottom I will post what I did redeem Really read the entire reward before redeeming. I made this mistake MANY times and you are only allowed 3 cancellations in a 30 day rolling period. I was just excited and not really reading expiration or limitation.

Is Playing and Redeeming MyVegas 2018 Worth It or Legit? - Las Vegas Forum

Playstudios is the owner of "MyVegas" and their games basically create screened quality "Leads" for the MGM group of Casinos - which are the best Casinos and Hotels in the world. This is why MyVegas or Playstudios may not be so nice to people they can do the Wizard of Oz thing behind the curtain - but when you get to an MLife desk owned by MGM your treatment should increase wonderfully. This is where MyVegas used to be a lot of fun but became harder over the last few months. Playstudios got the bright idea to generate more revenue for themselves and worried less about lead generation as MyVegas casino games popularity increased.

I will also get to HOW Playstudios made games harder later. How many rewards? Let's put it this way They call it a "closely held secret" at Playstudios. After helping a few friends join me - some wealthy, some not so much So I am not sure if it is gender related or what but purchasing at least one large chip package got the ball rolling--plus helped enjoy the games. The only other variable was the people who got six were using desktops and not mobile.

So it is possible Mobile users, android are not as considered as "valuable" as us old desk top folks. MyVegas by Playstudios made it harder to play for "free" by forcing people to bet higher and I feel amounts so large that people do not understand billions.

They understand thousands or millions. Example normal bets used to be 1k to maybe 25k and now they urge you to bet 25 million at a time to "win a Jackpot" and upped most lower bets to be uncomfortably higher. It is ridiculous and there are probably tons of blogs on this already. I feel they took the simple fun away and made it unrealistic. So enough on that. People who really still want to play end up having to buy chips- period. This also may be the "game changer" where it is simply cheaper to go to Vegas on your own dime.

how to redeem myvegas room

I have been playing over a year. So this also exacerbates the existing problem of Playstudios trying to cash in with less free play. Making people pay more money for less value. It does begin to start the question of "is it worth it anymore? I wish they would revert back to understandable bets, and make it easier for people to EARN chips and not have to buy them like before Last important note is to start six months ahead for maximum loyalty points and get serious about redeeming 30 days away--read rules CAREFULLY before you redeem each one.

Never wait until you get there.Almost ready to redeem my gold coins for rewards. What do I do? Thanks in advance for your experience and help. LV in 5 days!! When you click on a reward it will ask for your email and Mlife number. After that you will print out the confirmation email and take it to the Mlife desk with you.

Watch for any restrictions on rewards due to holidays such as NYEve. The earlier you book the better your seats will be. Most require you to use the same day or within 24 hours. If something is sold out, keep checking in case it comes back into stock - although over the holiday weekend that might be pretty iffy. I redeemed Terry Fator tickets and a mirage buffet - terry fator I called the reservation line they provided as soon as I redeemed and got 4th row!

It was painless to pickup the tickets - just had to go to the love box office with my I'd. To redeem show tix you need an mlife acct at time of reservation. For food, you only need it when you go to redeem at the mlife desk so you can sign up there and then. The mirage buffet pass was good for 30 days from date of redemption. The whole process for the buffet pass took about 8 minutes - but I could have been lucky. Too many shows booked already.

Wondering if the MC food credit is good at Diabl Cantina?? Actually the process is click on the reward, confirm you want it. Enter your E-mail address, Name and MLife card number, then a few minutes later you will recieve an e-mail with instructions on how to redeem.

For the Hotel Rooms and show I redeemed for, I had to call an number and give them the confirmation number that was sent to me. They then went through setting up the reservations. For the Tournament of Kings they booked me front row centre. Just had to show up at the Box office and show my Mlife card to get them.

For the hotels, they took care of booking me a room. Again just had to show my Mlife card at the Check in at the hotels, and away we went. Only problem I had with any of it. At Monte CarloI got my Resort fee comped as well. At Luxor they seemed confused since its a new program, but the check in guy refused to give me the Resort Fee comped. I just want to add I redeemed for the Border Grill brunch it's good for 2 people - it doesn't say that initally and it couldn't have been easier - just follow the directions.

This MyVegas is a really great promotion on Facebook! Awesome thanks for all the shares. We just booked 5 nights in total.

Plus 2 tickets to Carrot top front row center. Still have k points but thinking about saving them for a future trip. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers.

Redeeming MyVegas rewards.Offers on this page are now expired and are no longer available. So I figured it was time to head back to Vegas and booked a trip there for this July. You can redeem those points for little Vegas treats like appetizers and free drinks, all the way up to free rooms and meals.

Although there were some good options for booking rooms, we ultimately chose to use cash back to pay for our hotel. But since the Mirage is a Category 5 property, it would cost 20, Hyatt points per night. Regardless, choosing a MGM property was strategic. So, how am I spending my points? You can always redeem points for free tickets to shows and events, but I would rather just walk around and gawk at weirdos.

But in case anyone is wondering, yes, we will be extremely tired of buffets by the time this is over. And yes, we are prepared to do a lot of walking! Here are some tips I used to do just that:. What is your favorite redemption to date? Do you prefer booking free rooms, meals, or attractions? I play often, and just hit k, which is really nice. I think you can only redeem the points 90 days out, or something like that.

How does claiming myVEGAS reward for room work??? - Las Vegas Forum

The combination of distance, high price to fly, and award scarcity makes it tougher to plan. I hear ya. I check the site every day at 7am Vegas time to see if there are any new rewards.

The only way to get them is to start looking early and look every day. In our situation, I was able to book our flights and hotels 6 months out and start looking for award availability right away. What is your game strategy? You mentioned an 8-hour streak. Do you spend all of your tokens every day? How much do you bet per spin? Just hit K and wife is at K for our trip this September.

Always looking for tips and tricks! I play Betrock because there are zero decisions to be made. No time for that.

And yes, I usually use all the tokens every day. Have over K gold chips to spend for our next trip. Was just there in January and February and we enjoyed the buffets and the shows. When you book your room, make sure and go through Mlife. Better rates than on the Hyatt website.Updated Nov 16, myVEGAS no longer has a site where they post all off the availability calendars, but I have been compiling availability calendars for as many Room Rewards as I can.

All calendars through May are up now. A few of the Comp Room Rewards include weekend comps. The actual stay can still be for any available date on the calendar during the travel window.

Also check out the 3 in 30 post and Comp Reward Limitations posts for important details. It may be helpful to read my Mlife Players Club info as well. Do you have any idea when they will release the comps schedule for the rest of ? Hi Mark, Thank you for the information.

how to redeem myvegas room

Do you have any info on Mirage 3 night comp specifically April ? I only see the 2 nights listed on this page. The Mirage 3 Night Comp is available. The dates are very limited and listed in the Reward details.

Nothing is currently available after February 27th. Hi, I am using Comp Room Reward. But if it is sold out for the night I am looking for, is it possible it will release more vacancies? Or I should rather give up that one and choose another? Thank you! If the date is not available on the calendar, it will not be available. They do not add available dates after the calendar is released. So…is it ok if I book a 2 nighter, and my wife books a 2 nighter on her own account and then we would call afterwards to combine them?

Or do we have to wait until we get there to combine them? Mark, thanks for your information. Signature reservations currently show availability through September one year away. It is possible that it is sold out for the night you are looking for, but I would try again. I am using Comp Room Reward. Just want to know is it my problem or all the nights are sold out. Not seeing it listed. Premuim rewards, did you spend any real money on the game? You unlock extra rewards after approx.

myVEGAS Rewards List | Mlife Rewards | MyVEGAS Hotel Redemption | myVEGAS Tips

Mark thank you so much for compiling these tables. I planned to visit Vegas on Sep 24 and has redeemed the KA show already, but none of the hotels offer comp room, is it a special date in US? Will the availability change closer the date? Hi LC. Comp Room availability in September and October is limited. The availability only goes down as the date gets closer. Comp Rooms and hotels can sell out, so some dates could become unavailable. Dates are never added after the calendars come out, though.If you think a trip to Vegas is too expensive, think again.

The only thing you need to do is go on Facebook. If you want to dine at Vegas buffets, catch sold-out Cirque du Soleil shows, and stay in a view room on the Strip, all you need to do is spend time on Facebook regularly.

The game is simple. Once you have your chips, you can use them to play games including Excalibur and Blackjack. As you play games, your red chips turn into gold chips which you can redeem for free stuff. The more you play, the more free chips you can score with your daily wheel bonus. If it sounds too good to be true, I totally get it. When I first started playing in the game came out in JulyI made sure to do my research and ensure this game was legit before playing regularly.

MyVegas has rewards that constantly change, but the categories are the same. Prizes start at only gold which you can attain within a few minutes of playing, and go all the way up to 1, for free cruises, table service, and even private helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon.

Free Vegas comps for attractions like Shark Reef, Secret Garden begin at 10, points with free Cirque shows starting around 30, points.

Free drinks and entry to Vegas clubs begin around 4, points, with free buffets starting at 13, points. First of all, you need to know about the rules. The rewards that hold the most value in my eyes are the complimentary room nights simply pay the resort feeand the Cirque shows.

My boyfriend and I will both use a two-night room reward, and then cash in our other rewards for show tickets, free meals, or free drinks. Start playing MyVegas on Facebook and treat yourself to some complimentary vacations! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This information is not valid any longer. Yes it was easy several years ago, but no longer. I believe we used them for free buffets and free shows. We waited until around the end of January because most rewards expire in a maximum of 90 days.

We spent about three weeks researching and investigating and trying and retrying without success so we contacted Play Studios support. They responded in a few days and eventually were able to get the confirmation emails to us so we clicked on the link, went to the web page, and subsequently were unable to figure out how to redeem a reward for two nights, using their calendar. The hotel packages up services and ammenities that any hotel outside of Vegas offers with the room rental, and then charges you an additional fee for them.

Next we started looking at a reward for a free show but they were always sold out so we looked into that, found one forum response that said they refresh every day at 12 noon, but did not specify a time zone.

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