Kylo ren x reader break up

Kylo ren x reader break up

I hope you enjoy this one shot! Originally posted by howaboutmyqueen-reylo. People could say whatever they wanted about your husband, but he truly never failed to surprise you with his parenting skills. You liked to think part of it had to do with Leia being such a calm and loving mother, but you know part of it also came from Kylo being the biggest softie underneath his mask.

He never failed to handle a crisis and this time was no different. The smooth skin of her face was above temperature, something you could clearly feel as you kissed her forehead again. Kylo, who was sitting in his pants and brace walked over to the bed and rested his hand on her forehead. He sighed. I knew we should have been more careful on Naboo. You rolled your eyes, grabbing a small towel and dousing it in cold water.

She looked up at you. You frowned as you stroked her cheek.

yep — Kylo's Little Kitten. (dd/lg)

Her daughter groaned as she shook her head. You raised an eyebrow as Kylo walked over to the two of you. She furrowed her brows, reaching her hands out to him. You sighed, tucking her in more.

Your daughter sighed as Kylo pulled on his shirt. You left your daughter to walk up to your husband. You placed your hands lightly on his chest as you looked up at him. Kylo nodded, his usually cold and stoic eyes filling with warmth. He kissed you softly, before pulling away. He looked at your daughter and smiled. You stared at the door, wondering how you got to be so lucky.

Kylo really was a gentle man, you just had to get to know him. Underneath his intimidating exterior, was a vulnerable man underneath, a pleasure that only you and Crystal got to enjoy. You walked over to Crystal, smiling to yourself, and removed the towel.Her torn sweater and simple pants were not enough for the harsh coldness of space and biting chill of the metal interrogation chair she was locked into. Perhaps she should have been more concerned with the bruises beginning to form on the side of her face, but she could only focus on how undeniably cold she was.

The pain that throbbed throughout her body brought no worry to her mind either, she had not given them anything no matter how hard they hit. The metal door before her, slid open suddenly, revealing yet another masked figure. His mask and apparel was sharper, darker than night, and cleaner than the other Knights of Ren she had encountered.

Her gaze traveled back up to the now easily recognizable masked man, unafraid. Perhaps she should have been trembling from fear, that was the rational thing to do in the presence of Kylo Ren, but oddly she felt at ease. But by the way his shoulders staggered from a sharp intake of air, she knew he could. The two were silent for a few moments, watching each other, deeply affected by as something binded them together.

Soon every breath he took, her lungs filled to match, and vice versa, it was as if they were synchronized. A hum of amusement escaped his mask as he moved to circle around her, each foot fall heavier than the last. Once again, she could feel his confusion.

A small part of her mind was intrigued as to what he felt from her. Kylo let out a short laugh as he stood back to his full height.

He took two large strides to stand back in front of her, eyeline never straying far from hers. Instead she shrugged, another shiver emitting from deep inside. His helmet shifted down for a brief moment, eyeing her shaking extremities. A deep ringing echoing in her ears as their breathing continued to follow a rhythm. Different feelings flashed through her: anger, resent, fear, denial, confusion, and lastly hope. His head lifted abruptly, the leather of his gloves creaking as he tightened his hands into fists once more.

A short while later, two stormtroopers entered the interrogation room. She silently scolded herself for choosing to believe he would keep her alive. She was of no use if she refused to divulge the location of the Resistance. One of the stormtroopers moved forward, pressing a button on the side panel of her chair that released the cuffs around her wrists and ankles.Originally posted by sleemo. Another smack across the face and the stinging pain intensified on your left cheek.

You stumbled back from the sheer force of the blow and covered your bruised face. The scarred, dusty, and menacing face of Braydono Eylgim stared back down at you, a hungry look in his eyes. The foul stench of alcohol stung your tear stained cheeks and made bile rise up in your throat.

Your limbs were shaking uncontrollably, fear making your bones vibrate, lips quiver, and whimpers escape your lips. Braydono was your owner, he bought you at an auction when you were just three years old after your parents left you in a dusty crowded Cantina in the Outer Rim. Ever since then he used you as his personal slave, helping him with his illegal betting business and doing all of his house chores he never bothered to do before he owned you.

The unfortunate thing is you never knew anything else—your life with Braydono was normal to you. You started to move things with your mind, not intentionally and kept feeling something—or someone—calling out to you.

Braydono never talked to you outside of ordering you around, so you were nervous to ask him about what was happening to you and asking for his help. His legs kicked your stomach over and over again, each kick causing you to scream out and plead for him to stop. Eventually, you coughed up red and sticky blood onto the single furry rug in front of the door.

Braydono took you by the ratty collar of one of the three shirts you owned and pinned you against the wall. You continued to make objects move and wondered what those voices in your head that kept pestering and pestering you were and where they were coming from.

But, even the slightest thing made Braydono snap.

kylo ren x reader break up

The man was like a ticking time bomb. It continued until you were seventeen—even then you refused to stand up to the old and drunk man who legally owned you. You nodded your head and looked back down at the floor—trying to reach out in your mind and ask those voices you still heard, to help you, please help you. I saved your life, and this is what I get in return? You head slammed into the dusty rocks and you felt a sharp pain from the back of your skull.

kylo ren x reader break up

You knew there would be blood and you tried to keep your breathing calm. A whimper escaped from your lips as you felt the skin break on your cheek from the sharp contact. His breath stunk of that disgusting liquor he made you buy him yesterday—did he already drink the entire bottle? You shot up in your bed, your hands clutching your chest and your breaths coming out in short sobs. Your heart felt like it was beating a million times a minute and you could feel the tears dripping onto your black covers from your chin.

It had been years since you left that life behind. You remembered it like it was yesterday but you hated that that stupid drunk still haunted your dreams—that he still had a hold on you when you were nothing like that scared seventeen year old who was forced to make a coat closet her bedroom and sobbed into her knees until a tall dark shadow opened the door and took her from the only life she ever knew.

You pulled your knees up to your chest and rested your forehead on them and tried to steady your breathing. You were jolted out of your thoughts as a hand delicately rubbed your shoulder. Your entire body stiffened, and you skootched away from the hand as quickly as you could, your mind telling you to run away as fast as you could.

Your breathing started to come out in short puffs again, your thoughts told you that he was back and the last thing you wanted to do was anger him and have someone touch you again. Short breathes came from your lips and your chest heaved up and down as your eyes connected with the one person you found comfort in. The big doe eyes of your Master, Kylo Ren stared back at you, disbelief and shock etched onto his worn and tired face.

Enough (Kylo Ren x Reader)

Ever since he stormed into that apartment all those years ago, your Master helped you and became your rock. You shook your head and pulled your knees closer to your chest, wanting to feel something—anything—other than this panic that overtook your body. He slid a little closer to you and you wanted nothing more than to just hide under the covers and never come back out. Kylo reached out and patted your knee in a comforting fashion.Summary : You, a Resistance spy, fell madly in love with Kylo Ren.

But Snoke has some unexpected news for Kylo. Request : my-fucking-world??? But when he enters the room and sees you talking to his belly he gives up and runs away with you. Also sorry this is incredibly late.

You were a spy for the Resistance. You hated the First Order, hated what they stood for. But you were a good actress, smart and cunning. You were quick in all the right ways. And so you were given the task of infiltrating the Order. You started out small. Recruited as a petty officer. Something went wrong. Or something went right, you supposed. You thought it was just because you were new. And then you thought it was because he knew that you were a spy.

kylo ren x reader break up

And everything took off from there. You were promoted. You were around Kylo so much more often. You had access to much more information, and Leia was pleased that she had tabs on her son. But it became more than that. You tried to tell yourself that it was just for the sake of information. How could you love someone so evil? But you had fallen for him. You loved him and his quirky, yet charming looks.

Kylo Ren X Reader: Broken

His strength. You loved his passion, his intensity. He was always kind to you.Request: Can i please request some angst with Kylo Ren. All ideas used in a fanfiction I post are made up in my brain as long as it is not a request. You were never supposed to be. Kylo never wanted you to be part of it because he was scared. He had learned to leave fear behind. Fear was the one thing that kept a man from taking that one, final step. And he needed to do this one, final step in order to get what he wanted.

He already had you, but there was more out there for him. He had you, but now he needed to get rid of you. Or even worse: getting killed.

You smiled at him. Since Kylo became the Supreme Leader, everything had been better. Well, not everything. He had less time, but the time you had, had been much better. You enjoyed his easygoing, funny side, which he tended to show in these last weeks. A stone cold expression could mean he was in a bad or good mood. It could mean he was hungry, or he just ate the biggest meal ever. Not even when he was angry at you did he do that. Nothing in his face moved to show emotions.

It scared you. You just need to go. You felt your stomach twist. For you? You grabbed his arm and turned him to you.

Kylo Ren X Reader: Broken

How could he say something like this and not look at you? He looked into your eyes and everything from the past months, from the past years, was gone.

There was no connection anymore. He just ignored it. He maybe even cut it. He had never used your name in that tone before. Something inside you cracked, but you tried to ignore it. Not in your absurdest imagination would you have dreamed about him saying those words to you. Was this a dream? A nightmare? Did he hold you in his arms and all of this was not real? Please let it be another horrible nightmare. Kylo was the reason you got out of bed every morning; feeling him beside you gave you the power to do it.

Right now, he felt the most far away than ever — it made you not even nauseous, it made you truly sick. He needed to push you as far from him as possible.Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor. Request: Hi!! Summary: Kylo comes to you after a harsh punishment from Snoke, seeking comfort from you. But he denies this, refusing to believe that he does. I hope that you like it! Your body could feel a shift in the aura around, stirring ever so slightly in your sleep.

It seemed to pull at you, trying to awaken you. After failed attempts to push it to the back of your mind, your eyes fluttered open to see a tall figure at the end of your bed. A bit startled, you turned on your bedside light to see Kylo standing before you. Pursuing your lips together, you noticed how exhausted he appeared to be; more than usual, at least. You used your hand to properly sit yourself up, the corners of your mouth curled into a rather faint frown.

You could sense that something was wrong, it was even more evident in his facial expression. He was silence for a moment, his hands twitching at his side. His disfigured master was always in his mind, both in thought and in presence.

It was what lit the spark of your burning hatred for the man. You moved the blanket away from you to crawl across your bed to let your legs dangle off of the side. Just the aura in the air was enough to know how distressed he was on the inside. He was so conflicted.

kylo ren x reader break up

It broke your heart to see him like this. The man you loved so deeply was hurt, but there was not much you alone could do. Reaching your hand out to take his wrist, you felt him rip his hand away in startle. But he soon took your hand, letting you pull him down to sit beside you.

People like you only feared the blasted man, but him? He lived in the middle of an endless nightmare, going through harsh punishments for even the slightest of mistakes.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. You fall asleep in a "mystery spot" boutique hotel in Manhattan and wake up in the Supreme Leader's private quarters aboard the Finalizer. You've spent your whole life looking for adventure and when Captain Kylo Ren of the notorious pirate ship The Supremacy sweeps you out to sea you finally find it It was easier to be a hole, easier to exist while strangers buried themselves balls-deep without pretend concern.

You expected nothing more from them. And they expected nothing more from you. In a Star Wars dystopian universe where people seventeen and younger are considered as nothing but objects to trade with, your biological family has had enough of you.

They kick you out, or for a more politically correct term "exchange" you for a new and "compliant" daughter who will be everything you couldn't. You don't know where you'll go, how far away, or who you'll be with, but you know if your "good" isn't enough for your birth family, nothing will ever be. You decide right then and there to be known as so much worse for your exchanged family, but the family you're sent to won't tolerate it. Especially the only man of the house known as Kylo Ren.

This story might have some potentially triggering content for some readers. Reader's discretion is advised. A tormented passion shatters over you with unseen strength, destroying the thin line between love and passion. I was born on The Supremacy.

My father was an Elite Praetorian guard, my mother an engineer. I was their only daughter, and after the death of my brothers, their only child. Growing up, I was always different from the rest of the kids on The Supremacy.

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