Popular small sailboat interior design ideas

Popular small sailboat interior design ideas

Are you ready to make your life awesome? Well, if you are a boat house owner, it already is! However we can help you make your boat house the most awesome thing in the neighborhood. It is necessary that your private boathouse rightly captures the essence of the lifestyle you believe in.

Here are some boathouse design ideas that should blow your mind! However, you can always have fully fledged quarters for a complete living experience. Go for a wooden and glass construction that will imbibe in the sun and nature around and will also look good from both outside and indoors.

Small Boat House Idea dewson. Consequently, a small boat house with a sturdy construction and quaint rooms is enough for any use. Apart from the material design and the base structure, everything can look just like a real home on land.

Beautiful And Comfortable Boat Interior Designs To Make Your Mouth Water

Modern Boat House Design davidolsonarchitect. Well, when you have a whole lot of tin, the opportunities are exciting. Several boat houses made of insulated tin and other lighter materials floats on private water bodies across the globe. As long as you are planning a stable shape of your home, you can always have a boathouse.

Boat House Interior Design hughloftingtimberframe. In this example, the owner has used an all wood setup that looks rich and beautiful. A highly spacious room, rightly supporting the boat house basics is well laid out. Cottage Boat House architectus. They are quaint, they are cozy and they come in structures that are ideal to be recreated into a boat house.

popular small sailboat interior design ideas

The only striking thing is that there will be a lot of wood around! Simple Boat House Idea accentsofthesouth. The quarters will be of any shape or size you may desire. Well, as shown in this example, you can always make the design look more exotic by sprucing up the roof and the base.

Single Slip Boat House Design burnettconstruction. Spending a night or two in such boat houses can be worthy but this cannot be a permanent home for anyone. Classic Wooden Boat House dewson. The living quarters are established higher but you certainly will not be able to make it out from outside.Very nice! Do You have vacuum cleaner or use sweep and mop?

Only a small one for bread crumbs? I hate vacuuming. What is the material of the sofas? White gives light. Love it! Literally the first thing I moved onto Que Tal after we bought her was a bunch of photos in plastic frames that I put up with poster putty to make the boat "ours. I totally get the need for a nice, uncluttered space and perfectly understand that it can be tiny and inexpensive, as well. Yours is lovely, great job!

Awesome Boat House Designs

One thing that caught my eye, though, is that your laptop seems to be sitting on a cushion of some kind. That is not a good thing to do, as it can restrict the airflow from the fans and cause overheating - which can kill your laptop. You should try to avoid placing it on soft surfaces for extended periods of time whenever possible. Everything else looked wonderful, though.

I can certainly see why Isla loves her space, what a wonderful area for a child her age. And what a fabulous way to spend her earliest years. Even though she will probably not remember much of it up to this point, except for photos, they are certainly contributing to her development in the most awesome way.

I know you've mentioned that returning to land life starts to look appealing when things get rough on the water, which is easy to understand. But I can't help hoping you can all hang in there at least a little bit longer, until Isla is of an age where she really will be able to remember some of her childhood on the boat.

Not that I doubt she will have a great childhood wherever you and Scott choose to bring her up. She just seems like such a natural born sailing vagabond! We Love it. Very nice and cozy. Personal artifacts with fond memories attached is the way to go. You have very nice taste. Thanks for sharing your personal space. Mark and Cindy www. This is great, beautiful boat.

I'm noticing some similarities Freja 29 months has taken to sleeping with 3 binkies. She demands that she goes to bed with "so many binkies. Okay, not high water. So I am from Chicago too and my family has had a beach cabin in St. Joe since I was 7 years old.You do not have to be a sailor to want a nautical bathroom design.

Making a Boat a Home: The Art of Decorating A Boat

Some people who love the sea and the idea of being out there sailing, contend themselves with having the nautical theme incorporated in their small bathroom ideas.

This theme is popular because of the relaxing beach life feel. With some decorating tricks and maritime accents like the definitive blue paint, circular mirror, seashells, anchor and moreyou can easily have your dream nautical bathing paradise. The small circular mirror is a perfect nautical accent, as well as the square rope-framed mirror.

popular small sailboat interior design ideas

The toy sharks add some beach bathroom feel. Elegant Nautical Bathroom mikeschaapbuilders. This elegant bathroom is designed with a blue vanity that conveys the feel of the beach — it stands proud amidst the whiteness of the rest of the room. It has cabinetry with driftwood finish to match the floor tile in driftwood-look. The sea glass-inspired mosaic detail adds nautical accent that provides beachy relaxation.

Nautical Guest Bathroom Design randelldesigngroup. The circular mirror on blue wall provides the nautical feel, while the wooden vanity with white sink conveys rustic appeal. Modern Nautical Bathroom e4interiordesign. This bathroom is bathe in browns and creams, giving the whole setup that wonderful and relaxing beachy nature atmosphere. Vintage Nautical Bathroom samvanfleetphotography. This bathroom is not dressed in traditional nautical blue, but it definitely oozes out with beachy appeal.

The white free-standing tub is just gloriously relaxing. Neutral Nautical Bathroom mvidesign. That alone is enough to provide the relaxing nautical appeal. The whiteness of the whole room offers the relaxing beachy feel indoors. The small window in the shower space provides the maritime appeal.Many of you write us asking what the inside of our boat looks like.

I've got some older pictures posted on our " Boat " page, but - as I mentioned back in the British Virgin Islands - we have been doing some redecorating, so things look a little different. Let me start by saying that I am the type of person who revels in her surroundings.

I need to live in a nice space. It doesn't have to be expensive or fancy or perfectly coordinated, but a clean, cosy and organized living space is a must for me. Some might call it a a trait of the "fairer sex", but believe me when I say I've met several women who could care less about their boat's interiors. To each his own. But for me? It's gotta look nice and it's gotta be comfortable.

To me, comfort is synonymous with happy cruising. Call it OCD, call it 'being anal' call it what you will - but clutter and chaos make me edgy, antsy and all out of sorts. Luckily, we bought a boat with so much storage we still have a load of empty spaces, so being clutter-free is not a problem for us.

Point for the bigger boat Even still, when living on a boat function must always take precedence over form, so the phrase "interior decorating" is laughable. While there are plenty of ways to personalize and get creative, when it comes to a boat's insides, for the most part, what you see is what you get. There's no moving things around or rearranging furniture and your affinity for feng shui will have to fly out the porthole. You must be very mindful of anything frivolous and non-essential that you mount, place or hang, lest they become projectiles on a rough passage.

That said, the inside of a boat and how "pretty" it looks should be the least of your concerns when boat shopping, but still - gorgeous interiors have sold more of their fair share of shoddy boats so it goes to show that not everyone is all function out here.

I like to think of us as a little of both form and function ; sure Scott could care less about our new throw pillows or the colors of our bedspread, but he also knows these things make me happy and so he let's me go about my meager decorating attempts with little resistance.

I tend to veer away from the "nautical" theme that so many seem to favor out here To personalize our space, we added some cheap non-skid floor mats, some professionally framed posters that have special meaning to us we are from Chicago, we met and married in St.Whether your boat is due for a complete renovation and design change or you have a minor problem area, Overboard Designs can help!

We specialize in marine upholstery ranging from small repairs to full-scale upgrades. Overboard Designs can match original materials exactly or help you find a striking new look and feel for your boat. Let us show you just how creative we are! Overboard Designs has mastered delivering premium upgrades and renovations to cruisers of all sorts. Your luxury watercraft is meant to look and feel top notch and we can work with you on a design or alteration that will make you fall in love with your boat all over again.

From the interior to the exterior, we will design your cruiser to be one-of-a-kind with only the utmost quality. Let Overboard Designs help you hang with the trends by helping you incorporate the latest designs into your own wakeboard boats at a fraction of the cost of a new one!

Contact us today to learn how creative upgrades to your wakeboard boat will have it looking like new in no time. Upholstery upgrades keep your pontoon pacing with pizzazz. Even minor changes on your pontoon can make a big difference. We can make you some very convenient double drink holder devices to match your boat interior colors, these can be moved around as you need them. Vinyl flooring is also a new fresh option for your pontoon boat, with snap in carpet rugs if desired… or many marine grade carpet colors and textures available too!!

Your deck boat offers diverse ways to enjoy the water. You would be surprised at how inexpensive it is to give your Deck Boat an entire facelift. Your runabout exudes confidence and charisma. For a fraction of the cost of a new boat, Overboard Designs offers a full range of options for your runabout. Services include upholstery, carpet, flooring, covers, bimini tops, steering wheels, detailing, graphics, and many others.

Contact us today to learn more! We are capable of reupholstering the seats in your bass boat back to original specs, or we can change out the color scheme, the most popular service offered is deck carpet replacement, choose from a variety of the carpets we carry. We promise fish will be wanting to jump aboard your boat! Your boat was built for speed, make sure its upholstery can keep up!

Overboard Designs can help you upgrade your boat with the latest colors, designs and style trends to keep your boat looking like the current boats you see on TV. Contact us today to learn about our full range of options from minor updates to extreme interior renovations. Testimonials Cibele and her staff take great pride and passion in their work. Brian Canty.I recently went through Blue Turtle and completely reorganized a few areas that were driving me crazy.

Even after almost 5 years living aboard can you believe it? I still periodically have to reorganize. This is an obvious one. Baskets are great because they come in all shapes and sizes and they look nice as well. When it comes to crates or bins, I like to opt for wooden ones over plastic since they look nicer and blend better with the interior.

We use baskets and crates to store just about anything. I found these cheap bare wood bins at Target that the boys painted for me and I use for towels, scarves and handbags. Drawer dividers come in very handy on a boat. Drawers and compartments on boats are all sorts of odd shapes and sizes and sometimes they can be very large. I used these expandable bamboo drawer dividers to organize my galley drawers. I like them because they are well made and sturdy not to mention they look nice.

I will definitely have to look into that for our huge under-the-bed drawers. Expandable drawer dividers are great for organizing galley utensil drawers. I used these plastic dividers for our deep under bed drawers but not crazy about the flimsy plastic. Using different types of hooks on a boat is a no brainer. We have all types of hooks from wall-mounted hooks to hooks in our cabinets to hold coffee mugs to hooks in our hanging lockers.

I was getting tired of finding hats all over the boat and decided we needed a central location to hang them. Plus, there are so many different decorative types that you can really get creative with them.

popular small sailboat interior design ideas

We use hooks in our aft cabin companionway to store all our hats. We inherited this Golden Gate Bridge key rack when we bought the boat. When we removed an old propane stove and replaced it with cooktop, we were left with a very large storage space.

It was great but it was deep and we were only utilizing the lower half of the space. Installing a pre-cut wooden shelf from Home Depot enabled us to use both lower and upper half of that space.

We also used the same type of shelving to hold our blu ray player in the aft cabin. Probably the best shelf we ever installed was a white storage cabinet, shelf, towel rack combo in the aft head. We were lucky enough to have empty wall space above our toilet and this cabinet not only gave us great storage but also a shelf and rack to hang a bathroom hand towel.

An installed shelf in our under cooktop cabinet gave us more room to store bowls.

⚓️ NOMAD - Yacht interior on a budget.

We used a shelf to mount our blu ray player in the aft cabin. This storage cabinet gives us great space and functionality in the aft head. We had an old bamboo stool that we used for seating at dinner time that was about to break so I went in search of a replacement. Since we have a hi-low table and the boys sit on the couch during dinner, I needed a low stool or seat for myself to sit on the other side. Instead of looking for a stool replacement I looked for storage ottomans since they are about the height we needed.

I found a great little ottoman at Target that opens on a hinge where we could store things. It looks great, provides additional seating and foot rests and we can stow things in it. Decorative and functional. Our storage ottoman nests nicely under our hi-low table and opens to store items.

This is probably my favorite clutter-free storage item. We have a lot of devices to be charged on Blue Turtle and I got tired of seeing all the devices laying on our countertops taking up coveted space, plus the cables and cords look very messy. This bamboo charging station charges all my devices keeping the cables hidden.Boats, according to people who live off the water are like second homes to them if not their first home.

Some of them actually complain that they are steadier on their feet when on the boat than on land. For those who can afford it, it makes a lot of sense to have the boat fitted in ways that reflect a warm home.

popular small sailboat interior design ideas

Some go for simple fittings like mechanical plumbing pipe furniture ideas. If you are not still sure that people actually live on their boats, then just look at the glorious examples of underwater photographyand you will realize that these photographs could not have been possible unless the photographers literally lived on water.

Look at examples of wet and wild river photography to fascinate you and you will know why the interior of a boat needs to designer.

Some have boats built as more of status symbol that they can flaunt in front of friends and probably take to the water on rare occasions, and others have it built to be used as a home. Since space or rather lack of it could be a big factor when it comes to the interior of the boat, you will need to be very smart in ensuring that any empty space like under the bed etc.

Access vital: While as we said earlier, storage is important, it is also important to ensure that the things you need in a hurry are not difficult to access. That is why having convoluted and complicated ways of opening storage areas should be avoided, if not completely at least for vital items.

Stability tantamount: The boat is going to be on water, which means there is going to be movement, both gentle as well as violent ones depending on the way the waters are. This means that you cannot add too many fussy and breakable items in the decoration of your boat.

This will create a lot of chaos and breakage which is not what you want. Easy movement: Another important factor to keep in mind, while planning the interiors of your boat is to ensure that all the objects are arranged in such a way that you can move about as you wish without going to too much trouble, you may be aware that it takes a while for people who are not used to being on the boat to get used to the motion of the boat.

If you make the space within cluttered, then this could result in mishaps on the boat. Simple cleaning: Just because you are on the boat and enjoying the carefree life does not mean that you let go of neatness. While we agree that it is not quite the same of the cleaning routine you would have on land bound home, it is still important to keep the boat clean.

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